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Studio was founded by Bozidar Pergar Boza 2000. in Kutina (Croatia). In the beginning of 2004. we moved at today’s address. We provide full service, 2d/3d animation, modeling, stereoscopic animation, complete post production service (from standard tracking, objects/wire removal, retouching to 3d/live integration and complex special effects…. whatever you need just to get best result at the end).

gpu quad 4 face design bozidar pergar

We like challenges, the harder , the better. Very early Boza start with experimenting with stereoscopic animations, then, when technology start to make a bigger impact (and start to be useful at least to some production level) with GPU rendering. First with iRay (nVidia) then with Octane (Otoy).

One thing leads to another so now we are like real geeks 🙂 Working in studio today means working with very unusual, and non standard workstations. But very powerful, in terms of computing power, which give us quality and ability to experiment more then ever, and in terms of electric power consumption.  So powerful that at winter time, when rendering is at progress, we don’t use heating! Workstations keep us warm:) At summer time, without air condition, very fast you start to feel like little chicken inside incubator unit 🙂

At blog section you can find some more technical details about systems we use.

gpu quad 3 face design bozidar perga

some achievements

Emmy Award Bozidar Pergar Face Design
HYPERVSN Certificate

KADEI 360 got MIXX award for “Šibenik – Barone Fortress” . We participate to that project. Here is useful links for more info:
KADEI 360 – project
KADEI 360 – award
Face Design – blog

Bozidar Pergar Operation Mode Standard face design

Božidar Pergar

Start interesting in computer graphic at time of c64/128 and Amiga computers. Now it’s over 25 years in CG business. For those years, worked for televisions, agencies, directly with clients… Have a huge experience at 3d animation, production problems solving and of course at post production side. Especially  when clients come from nowhere and sad:” We have this, and we hear that you can fix it!” At Face Design work as supervisor for….hmmmm…. everything:)
He have several operating modes which he use for achieving all necessary tasks.
STANDARD mode for regular modeling, animation, vfx, normal mailing and phone calls.


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Marko Anic Ivicic

Marko Anić Ivičić

Finished multimedia and graphic college in Varaždin. At Face Design work as CG generalist (3d modeling & animation, vfx, editing…)
He is normal one, at least when he start to work at Face Design. Now, who knows… force is strong @ studio 🙂

Visit us and enjoy at peaceful environment, birds singing, fun, good music, some drink... and good ideas:)