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football without ball face design

Football without ball

Object removal project

Here you can see some scenes for some experimental / art film. Idea was to show what happens when main object of interest (ball) remove from scene, and when whole action is at slow motion. Football then looks like some dance or something, completely new perception.

This is all about video post. Funny fact is that raw material was filmed without any preparation for serious video post:) There is no trackers,

gpu quad 4 face design bozidar perga

Make single slot GTX / Titan card

If you need to fill all available GPU slots at your motherboard, to build GPU render workstation and you need some other card (sound, edit…), you already realize that there is one big problem. Modern powerful cards are double slot cards. In air cooled system there is no way to use slot between GPU, or to put two graphics card at adjacent slots (let’s say there is no elegant way…. With extender PCI-e cables you can but it is another story).