Šibenik – Barone Fortress

zastava Mletacka face deisgn

Barone fortress is one of four Šibenik’s fortress , from time of Ottomans empire… (17th century). It was ruined and devastated, but now it is beautiful, modern museum, full of new technology. Place with breathtaking view to whole Šibenik’s bay, with addition of augmented reality (AR), interactive kiosk and table.
We made 8 minutes of animations for documentary and video parts for AR glasses, and video post at 18 scenes of documentary (tracking and modern architecture object removal). Project was huge and demanding so we push ourselves and equipment limits to extreme level.

The biggest challenge was project management due to amount of data (objects, polygons, textures…).  It’s not so pleasant to work all the time on scenes with thousands of objects and  10-20 millions of polygons. In total, complete scene with all elements will be ~40 millions of polygons. Off course it will be one unusable file:)

Who knows why, but we have huge problem to find relevant data about St. Mihovil fortress. Finally someone said that at some office there is gypsum model of St. Mihovil. It is small model which was made for showing final look of St. Mihovil after complete restoration. It was better then nothing so we use it to get some data. First, we put some markers to model because we need some relevant referent points. Then made ~150 photos from all angles. After generating high poly model from photos, we made ultra low poly for our project.